This website is dedicated to all of you who are starting to realise, that we all have the power to change our own lives for the better, and that not everything is always as it seems. If we can learn to understand that at the very deepest level of our expanded consciousness, that the flow of man made time is just a psychological experience. And how we choose to handle that experience is entirely up to us; suddenly something inside of us is awakened. The awakening of that knowledge can bring about a metamorphosis of our awareness. When this shift takes place, the body responds.

We offer practical help for people who are searching for a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle - no matter what kind of environment they live or work in. The training and techniques used have no gender bias and require no previous experience or knowledge.

Our approach is very holistic and deals with the whole person inside out; changing disabling thought patterns, opening the mind, strengthening the body, expanding the consciousness and self-awareness which gives us the opportunity for growth in all areas of our lives. Life is full of positive and negative experiences. Our emotional state determines how we handle them.

If we are balanced, the ups and downs of life are coped with well. Our programs are designed to evolve your perspective and hopefully bring about balance. For example - are you  one of those people who always say” I will believe it when I see it”? This could be deemed as a negative or disabling thought pattern, as it is just the opposite that is true; until you believe it, you will never see it.

Our main focus is to help businesses and individuals in understanding the co-creation process which will lead the mind, body and soul into balance. Balanced individuals are usually happy, creative, energetic, disciplined, determined, and have the ability to infect others around them with the same positive characteristics. But sadly, the opposite is also true, if someone is out of balance and depressed their negative energy begins to affect the environment and others around them. This is known as “the one bad apple scenario”.